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About The Power of Music Thinking

Creative Companion, Management Consultant, Service Designer and Musicologist/Musician Christof Zürn takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most exciting people ‘AND Musicians’. Professionals that in some or other way use music, musical principles, instruments and techniques to work meaningful together. Or in short, the podcast for People with a musical heart and a wicked job.

From deep listening to developing a creative mindset for innovation, using instruments to better connect with each other and letting people see the big picture, one thing is for sure: you will hear and see patterns in your personal or business life and think from different perspectives at the same time.

In the first episodes, you can expect insights about the music thinking framework, conversations with Roy Scheerder Co-founder of the dutch cooperative Faebric, R. Michael Hendrix Partner & Global Design Director at design and innovation company IDEO, Panos A. Panay Senior Vice President for Global Strategy & Innovation at Berklee College of Music and Steve Keller Sonic Strategy Director at leading music and podcast discovery platform Pandora.

Also, listen to Nifemi Aluko, Founder and CEO of kpakpakpa and author of the book Press Play, Music as a catalyst for change, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stark – teacher and researcher specialised in organisational and community psychology and visiting fellow at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam or Sharon Stewart –  creator of sound works, musician, poet, researcher, piano teacher and deep listener.

And we have conversations about Music and the Brain with Artur Jaschke from ArtEZ, Cross-pollination in leadership with Ilkka Mäkitalo, CEO Howspace and conductor of Jäviskula Big Band, the Thrills of business with Padraic McMahon, Customer success manager Hubspot, Ex-Google, Ex-LinkedIn and ex-guitarist of the Thrills. We speak about Multi-Sensory Storytelling with creative chef, cook and book author Jasper Udink ten Cate.

We talk about the Jazz Process and the new online platform Syncspace with Adrian Cho and about a sound facilitation business with CEO of This is Doing and (ex-) musician Gerry Scullion. And we talk about rules of engagement with the Chief Evangelist of digital online whiteboard MURAL Jim Kalbach.

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