Cross-pollination in leadership

Can we be successful in more than one field? What about the multiple me’s we have developed in different areas? What does cross-pollination in leadership mean?

cross-pollination in leadership with Ilkka Mäkitalo

Today we are in Finland, my guest is  Ilkka Mäkitalo – musician, teacher, CEO, Co-Founder of Howspace and Conductor of Jyvaskyla Big Band

We chat about instruments,  jazz and how to inspire young talents to compose for a big band. And we talk about organisational memory, organisational learning, organisational dynamics and how to change the world with a digital platform for facilitating dialogue in different contexts, supported by AI. 

And we are talking about different meanings for AI when engaging people like artificial intelligence, applied improvisation and appreciative inquiry.

Ilkka shares his vision on leadership in a digital and remote world and how to grow an organisation above 17 people and raise venture capital of about 12 Mio with strong cultural guiding principles.

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