With Music Thinking you can orchestrate your talented team like a symphony, jam together like a rock band, or improvise like a jazz ensemble.  Discover how to integrate Agile Methodologies, Design Thinking, and Service Design with Branding and Organizational Change.

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Learn leadership and co-creation tools you can use for your personal development, team, and organisation.

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The Power of Music Thinking - Listen, tune, play and perform.

Jam Cards

An inspirational card set in a beautiful box the size of a 45 rpm single record 
Use them in ideation sessions or on-boarding rituals. Scan the cards to hear a sound.

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Workshop Cards for inspiration, onboarding, off-boarding, check-in, ideation

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Learn how to co-create your company purpose, tell the story of your purpose, or make the first step with your brand story.

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The Power of Music Thinking 
Creative Companion Christof Zürn takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most exciting people AND Musicians’.

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Here we share updates about workshops, programmes, new templates, tips and tricks and you can read all the 38 stories from ‘Behind the Cards’ – the background thoughts about every inspiration card of the Music Thinking Jam Cards.
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Modular Strategies with Rikkert Achtereekte

Modular Strategies with Rikkert Achtereekte

Modular strategies with Rikkert Achtereekte

My guest today is Rikkert Achtereekte, customer director of sales and electronic musician. Rikkert works for the IT engineering company Schuberg Philis, which focuses on mission-critical processes. And Rikkert is a composer and performer of electronic music and gets together with some friends for a bi-monthly improvisation session on modular synthesizers. Rikkert shares insights about […]

This is how to position yourself as a leader

This is how to position yourself as a leader

Leadership Positions in Music Thinking

Free Download – use it in a presentation and discuss it with your team. What if you look at your business endeavour with a music mindset? Let’s have a look at the key visual “Leadership Positions of Music Thinking” from the book The Power of Music Thinking that you can download below as a PDF. […]

The Instrument with a Smile with Dagan Bernstein – Ukulele

The Instrument with a Smile with Dagan Bernstein – Ukulele

Ukulele - the instrument with a smile. A conversation with Dagan Bernstein

Today we are in Hawaii. We speak with Ukulele Player Dagan Bernstein, a teacher and musician passionate about designing and leading innovative educational experiences. Dagan is currently serving as Capstone Coordinator at an independent K-12 international boarding school in Hawaii with additional expertise in mathematics, music, and digital media instruction.  We speak about collaboration in […]

Bringing people together with music thinking

Bringing people together with music thinking

Virtual Campfire with Tony Martignetti

A good way of bringing people and things together is to think of everything as an instrument. The music thinking framework allows you to think of all your different work tools, templates, or canvases as instruments. This is an effective way to bring collaboration into the workplace the same way musicians do it. Join Tony […]

The Sound of Nature with Hélène Seiyu Codjo – Shakuhachi

The Sound of Nature with Hélène Seiyu Codjo – Shakuhachi

Shakuhachi - the sound of nature

Today you can listen to a conversation with Helene Seiyu Codjo and the sound of the shakuhachi. Helene is a shakuhachi performer, composer and teacher.  “In the single tone of the shakuhachi, the whole of nature can be heard whispering its secrets.” Dean Seicho Del Bene We talk about the first memorable concert (there is […]

The Sound of Chaos – interview for the Association of Dutch Designers Magazine

Waarde over consistentie

Waarde over consistentie

Podcast MAsters Podcast met Christof Zürn over The Power of Music Thinking

The Dutch Podcast Masters Podcast is a series of episodes were podcast producers are interviewed to inspire listening and podcasting. We talk about the story of The Power of Music Thinking and how the podcast relates to the book. You hear why the episodes differ between 30 and 90 minutes. How to connect with international […]

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