This is how to use Music Thinking for your team or organization. Find tools, workshops and inspirations to foster creativity, empathy and meaningful collaboration.

Music Thinking

… is a fresh methodology and approach for leaders, teams and organisations.
Learn about the basic idea about music thinking, the music thinking framework, the six cues, the dynamics and how to use this in your team and organisation.

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music thinking framework

Jam Cards

An inspirational card set for change makers, pattern recognisers, innovators, transformers and natural collaborators.
Get inspired and trigger your ideation session, co-create your purpose, define your design challenge or lay the foundation of your company culture or brand story. A playful way to experience music thinking.

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Music Thinking Jam Cards


From EMPATHY to REMIX in one day
Experience Music Thinking in a one-day workshop and discover how to find patterns in your work and co-create, for example, your company purpose, define your design challenge or make a first step with your brand story.

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Music Thinking Workshops

Latest Updates and Blog

Here we share updates about workshops, programmes, new templates, tips and tricks and you can read all the 38 stories from ‘Behind the Cards’ – the background thoughts about every inspiration card of the Music Thinking Jam Cards.

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What is your meta-language?

Performing the Sounds of Empathy

Performing the Sounds of Empathy

We were invited to do a music thinking breakout session. The objective was to engage half of the conference (about 70 people) in a breakout workshop, let them learn and reflect about the things they heard and make a performance all together after the last actor to end the day with a big bang.

Open training: How to use music thinking for your team or organisation