Inspirations for leaders, teams and organisations. Music Thinking tools, workshops and programmes to foster creativity, empathy and meaningful collaboration. 

Music Thinking

… is a fresh methodology to blend creativity, service design and organisational change
Learn everything about music thinking and how to use this for your team and organisation

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music thinking framework as inspiration for leaders and their teams

Jam Cards

38 inspirational and 6 cue cards come in a beautiful box in the size of an old 45 rpm single record. 
Use them in ideation sessions or on-boarding rituals. Scan the cards to hear a sound.

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Workshop Cards for inspiration, onboarding, off-boarding, check-in, ideation

Latest Updates and Blog

Here we share updates about workshops, programmes, new templates, tips and tricks and you can read all the 38 stories from ‘Behind the Cards’ – the background thoughts about every inspiration card of the Music Thinking Jam Cards.
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Unlocking Your World of Creativity – podcast 1

If you can’t adapt, adopt!

If you can’t adapt, adopt!

if you can't adapt, adopt!

‘If you can’t adapt, adopt!’ I am fascinated by signs, language and what can come out of it. Take a musical score and compare it with the music played with the help of that score. Did you realise that before the invention of the phonograph, gramophone, tape recorder, record player, cd player, mp3-player and streaming […]

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