This is how to use Music Thinking for your team or organisation.  Tools, workshops and inspirations to foster creativity, empathy and meaningful collaboration. 

Music Thinking

… is a fresh methodology and approach for leaders, teams and organisations.
Learn about the basic idea about music thinking, the music thinking framework, the six cues, the dynamics and how to use this in your team and organisation.

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music thinking framework

Jam Cards

The cards come in a beautiful box in the size of an old 45 rpm single record with 38 inspirational cards and 6 cue cards. 
Easy to use and beautiful to play with different triggers: sound, picture, keywords, trigger question, inspirational quote and cues. Use them in ideation sessions, on-boarding and off-boarding rituals or just in a serendipity mood.

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Music Thinking Jam Cards


Looking for an inspirations session, a workshop or programme?
Experience Music Thinking in a variety of workshops and discover how to find patterns in your work and co-create, for example, your company purpose, define your design challenge or make a first step with your brand story.

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Music Thinking Workshop at Design Thinkers. Photo: Taken during Design Thinking Conference by Arne van Oosterom Conference


Latest Updates and Blog

Here we share updates about workshops, programmes, new templates, tips and tricks and you can read all the 38 stories from ‘Behind the Cards’ – the background thoughts about every inspiration card of the Music Thinking Jam Cards.

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Improvisation Business

Improvisation Business

improvisation in business

Business improvisation in VUCA times. A 3-hour interactive lecture concert. An experiment in Zoom for 16 participants from various companies. Here is the introductory video with a very short glimpse of the first musical interaction..

Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

The Listen Card [8/38] [behind the cards]
The essence of the Listen card is to establish active listening. Listening can be a leadership practice to move from knowledge to wisdom. Or in other words to find the signal in the noise. Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens a quote by Jimi Hendrix.

What is your meta-language?