In the Rhythm of Leadership: Learnings from Music Thinking with Christof Zürn

I am a regular guest on different podcasts, and whether they are about leadership, creativity or organisational change, these conversations help me to shape my thinking and communication about my ideas of music thinking. This time, the fabulous Dr Myriam Hadnes of has invited me to her podcast on facilitation. It is the 265th episode, so please also check out her podcast; there might be more insights and wisdom than I can provide.

Lean back and welcome in my studio with the Dynamic Strategies Framework, the Jam Cards, The Power of Music Thinking book in the background. And at the end of the episode, you can win one of the five Jam Cards sets; check it out.

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The show notes about In the Rhythm of Leadership episode 265:

From free jazz and the musical echelons of piano concerto, to indigenous beats and the didgeridoo, this week’s episode is an invitation into the wondrous world of Music Thinking.

Christof Zürn is the inventor of this mindset; his storied background in musicology, creative direction and service design became the symphony to his brainchild. He now helps organisations to apply the principles of music to their daily lives, offering a new lexicon with which to interpret and understand business, leadership – and of course, facilitation!

Hear all about Christof’s musical mindset, how to apply it, and why it can be an inspiring scoresheet for effective work, collaboration, and productivity. Episode 265 is guaranteed to be music to your ears.

Find out about in this episode:

  • The power of Music Thinking in helping to navigate organisational dynamics
  • What the analogy of music means for business, leadership and facilitation
  • Why the workshop is not a performance, but a rehearsal for the real-life production, allowing room for mistakes and exploration
  • How music can help us to hear and understand simultaneous perspectives in an organisation
  • The notion of ‘Design Thinking Theater’ and why it is a facade to endorse established organisational ideas

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