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Leadership Positions in Music Thinking

What if you look at your business endeavour with a music mindset?

Let’s have a look at the key visual “Leadership Positions of Music Thinking” from the book The Power of Music Thinking that you can download below as a PDF.

The book starts with a quote:

I wrote this book for you, the leader who knows that followers can be leaders and leaders become followers.

Christof Zürn, The Power of Music Thinking

What is it about?

Because music is such a big and diverse field it is interesting how leading and following are practised there.

Have a look at the Leadership Positions graphic. In Music Thinking there are different positions a leader can take to facilitate the right outcome. It is important to understand what the score is, what the dynamics are, and what kind of result is needed for your audience.

You should ask yourself the question: What kind of leadership and followership would we need for our organisation or team? What possible positions and capabilities should the leadership style incorporate for the best result?

Do you need

  • a composer who works on the score and changes it so that the players know exactly what to play, based on the composer’s unique imagination to surprise the audience;
  • a master who mentors, coaches and, based on his function as a living role model, example, and personality, inspires and accompanies everyone to meet the 
  • best results; 
  • a conductor who knows the score, the vision of the composer, and also knows the venue and the audience and has the knowledge and the authority to lead experts to the highest performance;
  • an improviser who works as a creative player in the middle of the music who can invent and play on the spot, engage others to play their very best, while also being the chief listener of the group and the changing audience;
  • a producer who knows the instrument’s technicalities, the possibilities of all players, and the way the audience is listening; and who has the personality and power to change things so that everyone can be their best.

How do you position yourself as a leader?

Is leadership a role, a position or a mindset?

Are you playing jazz, classical music, hip hop, folk, EDM, or another style? It might matter because the way you listen might influence the way you lead.

If you need all the above, then compare the positions of Music Thinking leadership that every leader should know. And if your business, challenge, or programme is genre-fluid – a mix of different styles – you might need a leader who can change positions and players who can lead and follow.

So playing an instrument or singing can also be the start of leading. So it is not leadership as such, but the activity of leading – and this means that at least someone must follow.

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