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Great ideation cards for workshop including Spotify link

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About the Jam Cards

The Music Thinking Jam Cards is an inspirational card set for changemakers, pattern recognisers, innovators, transformers and natural collaborators. Because we all need extra inspiration, use the jam cards to trigger your ideation session, co-create your purpose, define your design challenge or lay the foundations of your company’s culture or brand story. The Music Thinking Jam Cards contain inspiring triggers from the big world of music for business, society and individuals.

The Card Set is nicely designed in the size of a 45 rpm single record (18 x 18 cm).
It contains 38 inspiration cards and six cue cards.

All the inspiration cards have multiple triggers:

  • a keyword that sums up the essence of the card
  • a key visual with snapshots from the author, paintings from the Rijksmuseum among others
  • a trigger question to spark and diverge your thinking
  • an inspirational quote from musicians (and non-musicians) that makes you think
  • a sound trigger with a link to Spotify.
  • six cues of the Music Thinking Framework (explained in the booklet).
How to play with the Jam Cards.

There is no right way to have a jam card session; you can use them individually or with a group of people.

Beautiful workshop cards for ideation, onboarding, off-boarding rituals

What other people say 

Amidst all the predictable ways you can run a workshop, here is something new and inspiring. The cards provide a great set of prompts for exercises and you can also connect each card to a music code which then opens on Spotify.

Nicholas Ind, author of twelve books including ‘Living the Brand’ and ‘Brand Together’.

I love music as a metaphor for an innovation process. We’re already using many words borrowed from music in innovation anyway, such as orchestration or jamming. Music Thinking gives you a truly unique and common language to innovation. It’s simple – and, actually therefore, genius!

Marc Stickdorn, author of ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ and ‘This is Service Design Doing’.

This music thinking platform gives us all something to talk about and we all love music in some fashion. You can use these cards in any sort of creativity workshops and sessions with groups or individuals.

Mark Stinson, best-selling author, global brand innovator and podcast host.

Listen to the HCD podcast with Gerry Scullion about the Jam Cards

“The Jam Cards are an interactive and meaningful way to collaborate more effectively with yourself or with teams” Gerry Scullion, CEO of This is HCD.

How to play?

Because the Jam Cards are quite open-ended, they don’t really need specific instructions on how to use them. This means that you can use them to shape your own exercises and workshops, which is challenging and fun.
But no worries. We also created three ways of using the cards to help you get an idea of how you can use them in workshops. A blog post describes three variations of what your Jam Card session could look like Serendipity Lab, Mix & Match, and Strategy Jam.

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44 cards
18.5 x 18.5 cm
ISBN 978 90 6369 514 9

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