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Contact: Christof Zürn

Contact Christof Zürn for workshop, speaking assignments and more
Christof Zürn, Director


Christof is specialised in accompanying individuals, teams and organisations to make the step from iteration to innovation to transformation.

He is a seasoned professional in multiple roles like Creative Director, Design Thinking Coach, Service Designer, Facilitator or Musician. Christof developed tools, training and workshops to inspire people to think from different perspectives with the goal to understand, innovate, and collaborate.

He is a joiner by trade and has an MA in Musicology, Philosophy and History of Arts at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He is the author of the Music Thinking Framework and the Music Thinking Jam Cards.

End of the 90s he was pioneering music interaction on the internet while working for EuroArts.
As Editor-in-Chief of the platforms Klassikopen/Jazzopen he developed the idea of online interviews and did his first interview at the Opera in Versailles with Daniel Barenboim at the Europaconcert of the Berlin Philharmonic.

Christof Zürn Online Interviews for Klassikopen and Jazzopen
He did interviews with Zubin Mehta, Anne-Sofie von Otter, Bryn Terfel, Gil Shaham, Jon Williams, Members of the Berlin Philharmonic, B.B. King, Charlie Mariano, Isaak Hayes, King Sunny Adé, Nils Landgren, Juan de Marcos González and others.
He was also a producer-creative director for infotainment CD-ROMs about Great Conductors (German Multimedia Award in Gold), Mozart on Tour (Education Award Vienna), Joe Cocker and Les Misérables.

Christof is member of the improvising collective Raum-Music für Saxophone.

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Contact: Xenia Zürn

Xenia Zürn, Designer and Facilitator

Short Bio

Xenia obtained her Bachelor and Master of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

She is passionate about finding and structuring information and loves to guide people through the information that is relevant to them. Therefore, she is interested in UX design, service design and design research.

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