From a business perspective: what are your song, style, and service?

Download the template and use it in a presentation.

regarding your business: What is your song, style, service?

What if you look at your business endeavour from a musical point of view? How would the analogy with music help you to better understand your business, have meaningful conversations and take action toward a shared common goal?

Let’s have a look at the key visual “Song, Style and Service” from the book The Power of Music Thinking (BIS Publishers) that you can download at the end of the page. It is free of use and you can integrate it into your presentation.

A listening experiment

Note: you don’t need any musical education for applying music thinking in your company.

Let’s try to find analogies between music and your business.
Have a look at the Pattern Repository graphic and think about the following questions: 

What are the parameters of your endeavour?
What are the instruments you use?
How can we hear them in your final product?
What is your song, your style, your service? 
What is your story?
What connects your business to your audience?
What are your patterns of success?

Download the template

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