Sound Buildings with Ron van Leeuwen

“Architecture is frozen music; music is liquid architecture” is a famous quote describing the relationship between these two fields. Some say these words are from Goethe, the German writer and polymath, while others say they are from Schopenhauer, the philosopher. 

Besides this unclarity, there is an undebatable relation.

Today, we have the privilege of speaking with Ron van Leeuwen, who straddles two creative worlds. By day, he is an architect and urban designer, shaping physical spaces. By night, he transforms his creative energy into music, composing pieces that the 55-piece Metropole Orkest has recorded. His newest composition, Architones, is also available on Spotify.

We discuss the relations and differences between working in these two fields, the metamorphoses of buildings and music, and the challenges of delivering a feasible building.

During our discussion, Ron generously shares his compositional insights and the creative process behind his homage to the Vredespalais (Peace Palace) in The Hague. He reveals how he began with a waltz rhythm, a choice that adds a unique musical dimension to the architectural masterpiece.

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