The Thrills of Business

What are the thrills of business? What are the similarities between the technology and the record industry? And what is situational leadership?

The Thrills of Business

In this episode, we connect with Padraic McMahon, Customer Success Manager at Hubspot, a software company that helps businesses grow. Padraic has worked in Management positions at Google and LinkedIn. Before that, he was the guitar player of The Thrills that had some major hits from 2003 on. Their first LP was going platinum in the UK and Ireland, and their top hit ‘Big Sur’ has more than 12 Mio plays on Spotify alone and is still growing. 

We talk about the similarities in tech business and the record business and the situational leadership of the producer role that brings a group of people to their optimum performance regardless of the circumstances. 

He shares with us what the Hubspot unplugged week means to the team and compares the studio analogy with the importance of the work-life balance in working for a technology company. And the insight that you need different leadership at different times.  Like the difference of the first record, to the second and the third – or in my words from start-up to scale-up to selling the company.

Padraic gives us an example of ‘the art of remixing‘ where visual and sonic cues help make the mix’s best decision.  Quote: ‘Where you invest, you need to divest!’ 

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