Multi-Sensory Storytelling

How can you tell a story through food and music? What is Multi-Sensory Storytelling? Are all chefs drummers? Should prominent leaders start a band together?

Multi-Sensory Storytelling, Creative Chef, Jasper Udink ten Cate

In this episode, Creative Companion meets the Creative Chef. We have a lively conversation with Jasper Udink ten Cate, artist, designer, futurist, keynote speaker, book author and drummer. He worked worldwide on exhibitions like London Design Week, Dubai Design, Metropolitan Museum New York and the World Expo in Milano and for companies like Nike, BASF and Google.

Jasper shares his approach to multi-sensory storytelling with food, music and design. And we talk about different tastes and diets and how to give goosebumps from natural vegan food to inspire people to create their own identity. He shares the story of the unripe peach and how reframing can be the start of new product innovation.

We chat about how you can listen to yourself to create your own beautiful story, shape your personality and make decisions in consuming music, books, food and life. 

Quote: “All big leaders should start a band together

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