Healthcare, Sound Healing and Mantras with Rasa Priya

Healthcare, sounds and mantras

With a dedication to healthcare, my guest today is Rasa Priya. He worked in standard western medicine as a respiratory therapist in critical care settings for more than 30 years. 

Now, he has followed his calling into a more holistic approach and works as a sound healer with his wife in Maui, Hawaii. Rasa shares a pivotal moment in the hospital when caring for a cancer patient and the power of human compassion. 

Sound Healing

He describes the concept and advantages of sound healing, especially the vibrations behind the chanting of mantras, which are essential in his teaching of vocal empowerment, like the word ‘Om’ that, besides the sound, also has a healing effect on our facial muscles, creating possibilities of experiences.

Rasa also introduces us to the work of the Japanese water photographer Masaru Emoto who visualises different styles of music but also words like hate, love, and guilt with his water crystals. 

And he explains to us how everybody can be a drummer and get involved in right and left brain stimulation to nurture creative thinking and break the moulds of our limitations. 

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