Leading an Orchestra of Leaders with Harvey Seifter Part 1

This episode is about art, innovation and leadership. 

What is the relationship between art-based learning, innovation and co-creation? How do you lead an ensemble of leaders? Is a conductor actually just a middle manager?

Today we are in New York and talking with Harvey Seifter. Harvey is the founder of The Art of Science Learning, a US National Science Foundation-funded initiative that uses the arts to spark innovation in science, technology, engineering and education.
And Harvey is also a classically trained musician and formerly served as Executive Director of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. The only orchestra in the world that rehearses and performs without a conductor. 

Harvey shares with us insights on giving directions as a ‘decision maker of last resort’ – as he calls it –   stimulating co-creation and what this means for the innovative power of the organisation. 

Well, you can say we have learnings here for any organisation.

By the way: we recorded this episode via Zoom when Harvey returned just a few days from his Ted talk in Madrid; before the talk, he lost his voice and finally did the TED talk without repetition. 

To spare his voice and energy, we stopped the recording at a certain point and agreed to have a second conversation in the very near future.

So listen to Part One with Harvey Seifter and how you lead an orchestra of leaders.

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