Science and Music dialogue with Carolin Seiferth

Science and Music Dialogue with Carolin seiferth

Today, we are in Sweden, and we speak with Carolin Seiferth – a PhD student at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, where she does research on the island of Öland.

Carolin combines scientific research with music to raise awareness about sustainability issues around the Baltic Sea. In this way, she inspires the audience to take action to address challenges related to a changing climate.  Carolin shares some insights with us about her research and the creative production that led to the musical piece “Dialogues” as part of the Baltic Sea Festival Science Lab.

We talked about her creative and dialogue-based approach with local actors in different workshops and how she transformed the results of her investigation into a poem that was a central part of the musical composition. 

We reflect on the different sound qualities of rainfall and her curiosity to explore other ways of combining art-based approaches with scientific research in the future to create opportunities for engaging with sustainability questions on a much deeper level.

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