Better English with Jam Cards and Anita Prestidge 

How cool is this? You develop a multisensory product to let people experience your ideas about music thinking and then someone comes along and uses your product for something completely different.

o.k. before we dive into our conversation, let’s first explain what the jam cards are. Because that is the product we are talking about today. 

The jam cards are a set of 38 inspiration plus six cue cards in the size of a 45, or ‘single record’ as they are also called. They are actually very big cards, approximately five times the size of a regular card deck. 

All the inspiration cards have multiple triggers: for example, a keyword that sums up the essence of the card, and an interesting key visual with music-related snapshots or excerpts from paintings from the Rijksmuseum. 

There is also a trigger question to spark and diverge your thinking and an inspirational quote from musicians like Brian Eno, Jimi Hendrix or Frank Zappa, and some non-musicians like Florence Nightingale or Steve Jobs. Brilliant quotes that stand out and make you think. 

And very unique: every card has a sound trigger you can scan and hear immediately a specific song or spoken word on the Spotify platform. 

So, the Music Thinking Jam Cards is an inspirational card set for changemakers, pattern recognisers, innovators, transformers and natural collaborators. Because we all need extra inspiration, use the jam cards to trigger your ideation session, co-create your purpose, define your design challenge or lay the foundations of your company’s culture or brand story. For over five years, the jam cards have been available from your local book dealer or online dealers like Amazon. So many creative sessions and brainstorms have been taken with them.

But today, we speak with Anita Prestidge, an English trainer with experience in theatre, directing, and education. When Anita picked up the cards, she had another idea of what to do with these cards and developed her own unique method. So, if you want to speak better English while using the Jam Cards, connect with Anita online.

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