International Co-creation Learning Lab

Last week we did a music thinking lecture at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) as part of the AURORA International Co-Creation Learning Lab.

Video of the co-creation

In three steps, Danny La Haye, Wolfgang Stark and Christof Zürn teamed up to co-create a practical music thinking intervention:
Bass and Saxophone to explain different positions a co-creator should use in a free improvisation based on principles that can also be applied in business improvisation.
A spontaneous improvisation with three shakers and no prior knowledge, and
the co-creation of a known song (do you know what song it is?) on the Ukulele and singing and humming.

The interventions were linked to the keynote by Wolfgang Stark and music thinking principles as found in the music thinking framework and delineated in the book The Power of Music Thinking.

Contact for more information on music interventions and posssibilities for your team.

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