Giving Better Instructions with Text Scores

Are you listening? Are you Deep Listening? How do you move from scoring to listening?

Well, composer Pauline Oliveros taught us how to use short instructions – she calls them Text Scores – to interact and listen deeply.

What is it?

A Text Score is a short instruction to engage (non) musicians in an activity. The Text Score principles also help non-musicians create meaningful interactions. The most famous one from Pauline Oliveros goes like this:

“Take a walk at night. Walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears.”

Here are two examples I shared with the community in honour of Pauline’s 90th birthday: 

The examples are integrated on the website, where you can read 363 more.
And big news, this will also be a book, be one of the first to get it (it is a crowdsourcing campaign).

SCORE in the Dynamic Strategies Framework of Music Thinking

Text Scores can be created in the strategy field between EMPATHY, PERSONALITY and SCORE in the Dynamic Strategy Framework of Music Thinking.

The ‘To Do’ part of SCORE is the input for JAMMIN’ and AGILITY that lead to REMIX.

Zoom-in of the dynamic strategy framework of music thinking, with SCORE in the middle.
Page 144-145 from the book: The Power of Music Thinking by Christof Zürn

More on Deep Listening

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Next step: use text scores in your business

How do you score your business? I like working with text scores, mainly with non-musicians. The dynamic framework of SCORE has two sides: showing and doing. This is an excellent example of the latter.

😎 If you want to know more about Deep Listening and how Music Thinking could play a role in your business, drop us a note or have a look at our workshop overview page.

And did you recognise that some of them sound like instructions for chatGPT or other machine-learning tools? So giving good instructions is a ‘sign of our times’ and helps us connect. Read more about the short ‘conversation’ with Chat GPT on Music Thinking.