It is about time – the music thinking clock

I am always on the lookout, searching and experimenting with visualisations of the dynamic strategy of music thinking. The idea of music thinking, the concept and, as I called it earlier, the music thinking framework, is a dynamic model to help individuals, teams, and organisations to work together better.

And Ta-Taa!!!: Here is the Music Thinking Clock.

the music thinking clock showing the dynamic strategies

It is a new way of showing the dynamics and how the music thinking cues play in different constellations with each other. I put the basic elements into the frame of an analogue clock, with the cues (and their both sides small in grey) around the clock.

Fun fact, the hands of the clock have different colours: orange for listening in the beat of seconds, because we all (should) listen all the time. The hour hand is red for tuning (making decisions), and the minute hand is green for playing. The blue circle of performing surrounds everything.

Use the Music Thinking Clock in a brainstorming workshop

Besides using it as a clock, you can also use it in brainstorms to let you focus second by second, minute by minute and hour by hour on the combination of different elements of Empathy, Personality, Score, Agility, Remix and Jammin’ and how they might play together, so how do AGILITY and EMPATHY connect and is there a relation between JAMMIN’ and REMIX?

I think you get the idea! Get creative!

How did we get there?

My starting point was the visualisation of the framework, then came the website, then the podcast, then finally, The Power of Music Thinking book with the framework in the inside sleeve and many explanations, links to playlists and templates and workshop instructions to use music thinking in your daily life.

Even in the Music Thinking logo, you see on the left and right the repeat marks to indicate the iteration and the dynamic that this is not just about a one-time process but a loop, an ever-lasting iteration to again and again get through the framework, experience a different dynamic ( like Jazz, Classical, Pop, Folk music also has different dynamics in production and in performance) and finally understand your business as a dynamic time frame that will be played over and over again.

Have fun with the music thinking clock, and I think it was about time to do this 🙂

See the clock in action and if it is not your time, enjoy the movements and the connections and start brainstorming!!!!

You can find the clock on: