Inspirational (online) workshops for creativity and change


Music Thinking Workshop at Design Thinkers. Photo: Taken during Design Thinking Conference by Arne van Oosterom Conference
Photo: Arne van Oosterom


Inspirational workshops for creativity, innovation, service design and organisational change.

What if your clients and employees demand Pop, Dance or Jazz and you still play Wagner? Is your company organised like a symphony or gamelan orchestra, a pop or jazz band or electronic music production? Or is it ‘all the above’? Then you might be interested in bringing some meaning into this chaos.

Think and act differently to change 

Music Thinking offers a new approach to think differently and to get inspired to work in meaningful collaborations above silos. In that way, it helps you to integrate Agile methodologies, Design Thinking and Service Design with Branding and Organisational Change. 

Like music, the music thinking training, workshops and programmes have different formats and styles for different occasions, goals and line-ups. All of them connect with the six cues of Music Thinking.

See our inspirational workshops for creativity, innovation, service design and organisational change. And please ask us about possibilities to combine this in a unique (online) workshop, programme or training for your own challenge. All workshops have online possibilities and we use programmes like Miro, Mural Zoom and Teams to make it efficient and fun.

Training to change

Learn the basics of service design and how to make quick profiles (personas), stakeholder and journey more.


Experience new ideas in the serendipity lab, learn how to use the Music Thinking Jam Cards to mix and match ideas and to craft your strategy with the six cues of the music thinking framework read more.

Inspirational Workshops 

This workshop setting is ideal for in-house teams working on company values, team building or organisational change subjects and how to craft a design challenge that we call the unanswered question read more.

Programmes to last

View different possibilities for your change project or programme read more.

Do you need more than just an (online) workshop?

It is not about the method, it is about the goals you want to achieve.

That’s why we approach bridging service design with branding, agile and organisational change. Because the methods sometimes work against each other and don’t focus on what they have in common to reach your goals.

That’s why we offer you a custom-made programme. We design this around your particular objectives to guide you through service design and the music thinking framework.

We advise you on how to make this a multidisciplinary approach. So that you can bridge silos in your organisation and combine service design with branding, agile and organisational change.

Contact us: We are happy hearing your specific question or need.