Workshops and programmes

Like music, the music thinking workshops and programmes have different formats and styles for different occasions, goals and line-ups. All of them are connected with the six cues of Music Thinking: Jammin’, Empathy, Personality, Score, Agility and Remix. It is possible to start with one type of workshop and later connect with a different kind.

Typically we have three starting points or directions to start with:

Creativity: From Jammin’ to Remix

Service Design: From Empathy to Remix

Organisational Change: From Personality to Remix


Everything is dependent on the question or goal you have as an individual, team or organisation. The workshops are possible from a ½ day ‘introduction jam’ to a 6 day ‘from empathy to remix’ programme.


One-Day-Workshop – From Empathy to Remix 

We work in a four-movement-setup in different constellations from solo, duo, trio to bigger ensembles.

This is just a suggestion of a possible one-day workshop.


More Music Thinking Formats:

  • ½ day ‘introduction jam’
    • The Intro Jam is a great way to playfully think about the most import things that are playing and what questions should be raised.
    • We work with the Inspiration card set and also have time for short musical interactions (no skills needed).
  • 1 day ‘The Company Real Score’
    • One day mapping workshop from why, how, what, brand expressions, high level persona’s to paradoxes and critical success factors.
  • 1 day From Empathy to Remix
    • The music in you, Serendipity Lab, Strategy Jam, Remix what you have.
    • For purpose finding, ideation, collaboration.
  • 6 day ‘from empathy to remix’ programme
    • Every day will be central to one of the cues of the music thinking framework.
    • The programme starts with either JAMMIN’, EMPATHY or PERSONALITY and will always end with REMIX.
  • Masterclass on the Music Thinking Framework and how to foster Brand Minded & People Centred Innovation
  • Keynote on Music Thinking

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