Playful Customer Journey Mapping Course

1-Day | A Playful Customer Journey Mapping Course with the Music Thinking Approach


This customer journey mapping course will give you a basic level of understanding of Service Design in the context of an organisation, the basic tools and mindset with the focus on the customer journey.

About this course

What is a Customer Journey and what is Customer Journey Mapping? What is an ‘as is’ journey and what is a ‘to be’ journey?

This playful and inspiring course will prepare you to kick-start your customer journey project. It will also give you an understanding of what ways a customer journey can be used. For example, as a research tool to gain empathy with your stakeholders or as a decision-making tool or as a service blueprint of future services that you would like to provide.

The tools we will practice in this course are Stakeholder Mapping, Quick Profile, and Customer Journey.

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English, Dutch, German

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What you will learn

In this course, we will give you an overview of what a customer journey can mean for an organisation – its pitfalls and its strength. You will experience the tools “learning by doing” and we will discuss different ways to map a customer journey for different situations, using Playmobil Pro, Lego or other tools.

Customer Journey Mapping

Workshop Flow

Welcome and Intro
Music Thinking Framework and how Service Design, Branding and organisational change relate to each other

Stakeholder mapping
Quick profiles (Personas with quick or no research)
Customer Journey Mapping

How to find areas of opportunity
How to write a good problem statement
Customer Journey operations and the different types of Customer journeys

Examples from a.o. fashion, government, mobility, retail


Meet your coach

Meet your Coach: Christof Zürn

Christof Zürn
Founder and Senior Facilitator

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