Design Thinking workshop

2-Day | Design Thinking with a musical twist


This 2-Day high-energy course will provide you with the fundamentals of understanding humans, generating ideas, and designing solutions that fit the company, the market and the planet.

Additional to a pure innovation-driven Design Thinking workshop, we also show you how Design Thinking relates to Branding and Organisation.

So, our double diamond is the dynamic strategies framework that helps you to understand how Design Thinking connects to other activities in your organisation.

About this course

Human-Centred Design begins with EMPATHY, listening and understanding the needs of people and the organisation. And it leads to REMIX, delivering what is possible, usable and feasible until the next iteration.

This course will walk you through all the steps to develop a service design thinking mindset.

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Homework / prior knowledge

English, Dutch, German

Course type
In-company, congress

Next Workshop on location
8 en 15 Maart 2024 in Tiel
in het Nederlands
Aanmelden via: Manders Denken

What you will learn

You will practice all the principal tools, from stakeholder mapping to persona and customer journey mapping to ideation and prototyping.

After the course, you will be able to apply Service Design Thinking in your organisation, start a first workshop and get creative.

Service design - Design Thinking - Fundamentals Training

Training Flow and content


Ice breakers

Service Design Thinking Introduction

Keynote & Cases

Briefing & Research

Stakeholder Mapping

Quick Profiles / Personas


The Unanswered Question

Customer Journey Mapping

Opportunity Areas

Design Challenge


Energisers, Mindsetters

Ideation & Prototyping

Idea Prioritisation 

Service Scenarios



Testing & Pitching

Pitch to Persona and Management

Reflection & Celebration

Meet your coach

Meet your Coach: Christof Zürn

Christof Zürn
Former Chief Design Officer at
Design Thinking Center,

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