The Sound of Chaos – interview for the Association of Dutch Designers Magazine

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Dd Magazine #2

The theme is chaos and how jazz and music thinking can show a way out of the mess. So, the basic idea connects with my ‘From squiggle to sine visualisation’ (download the original here), with the idea that in any chaos (or squiggle), you have to focus on one line, breathing in and breathing out, getting into the right cadence, rhythm, recognising patterns and follow your instincts.

But it all began, when Rik Spann – organisational consultant, musicologist and jazz musician – asked me to join him for a double interview for the association of dutch designers magazine. So just before the deadline of their annual publication Dd Magazine we sat together online – corona was in the game – and had a pleasant talk.
We talked about the difference between metaphors and analogies. We shared examples from Jazz and the broad field and the many perspectives that music can provide us. We also discussed why it is relevant for a designer and design agency and how you get inspired while ‘dancing with the complexity of chaos.’

And it is a great honour to be part of this being a designer, creative director and musician 🙂

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