The Music Thinking Mantra

The shorthand of Music Thinking is: Listen, Tune, Play and Perform.

I call it the Music Thinking Mantra. You can do this over and over again – well, like a mantra.

Wear the Music Thinking Mantra on a T-shirt

Music Thinking Mantra on a T-shirt

Show that you are music thinking and wear the Mantra on your T-shirt as a statement, a conversation starter and a mindset for change.

I found a sustainable and circular company in the UK that produces T-shirts; this is the link to the music thinking shop on Teemill.

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And did you know why the T-shirt is on The Power of Music Thinking book’s cover?

The Power of Music Thinking Book

Please read about it here:
Why is there a T-shirt on the cover?

Work with The Music Thinking Mantra

Derived from principles of how musicians work together and co-create, I condensed the most fundamental principle into a mantra:

Listen, tune, play and perform. And then repeat.

Music Thinking Framework 2.0 Template

This means everything starts with listening; do it often and do it with your whole body, and repeat listening as often as you can. Then tune while still listening, and tuning should give you enough direction for playing while listening, and if you repeat this often, you will have an excellent performance while still listening.

Well, and after the performance you start again.

This works individually for leaders and followers, on a team level, or as a framework for organisational change. Yes, repeating the Mantra on all levels will lead to change. But this is just the start, the overarching principle. There is more cues and instruments.

How does this work? Learn and practice in our workshops and trainings.

Read more in The Power of Music Thinking book.

The Music Thinking Mantra on a T-shirt