Rewind 2023

Welcome to the Rewind 2023 of The Power of Music Thinking podcast, where I have conversations with extraordinary people from all over the world who are also musicians or use music in the broadest sense of the word to learn, teach, inspire and collaborate meaningfully.

This year, we had 15 episodes, and virtually, we travelled from Nijmegen in the Netherlands, where all podcasts are recorded, to Berlin, Braunschweig, Zürich, London, Oslo, New York, West Virginia, Nashville, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai and New Zealand.

What were the themes?
The overarching themes were leadership, co-creation, creativity, and how music can be used as an analogy to explain the world and work more meaningfully together.

We had some unique themes and zoomed into subjects like health, sound healing, city policy, political journalism, sonification of data, sonic branding, storytelling, AI, and photography.

And particular, this year
Beyond the talk and spoken word, we also had sounds that guests brought to the show, from the soundmoodboard of BMW to the Turmbläser of my birth town and from the whole musical mind-hacking exercise from an ex-Bollywood singer to a techno DJ track based on the production sounds of a toy dolphin.

Who was the most listened-to episode this year?
I will reveal at the end of this episode.

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