What is Music Thinking?

Music Thinking is a creative invitation to think from diverse perspectives at the same time and to get inspired to work in meaningful collaborations above silos.

It supports you to integrate Agile methodologies, Design Thinking and Service Design with Branding and Organisational Change.

See the short presentation and find out about the four phases, the six cues, the dynamic diamond and the dynamics.

How to explain it to a colleague?

Music thinking is a systemic approach to change based on patterns and principles in music.

What problem can it solve?

You can use it for innovation and business impact in complex and changing environments.

What are the benefits?

Imagine the possibilities of unlocking the co-creative potential of agile teams and organisations.

Who is using it?

Faebric Cooperative
Learn more about how the Dutch cooperative Faebric used music thinking for a change project at the (NS) Dutch Railways, how they operate and the three orientation maps: Strategy Development Map, Proposition Development Map and Organizational Change Map.

Creative Companion
Read how Creative Companion facilitated music thinking workshops for the executive communications team of a big tech company and the Sound of Empathy interaction at the Design Thinkers Congress.

Read more about how the Framework works

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