The Music Thinking approach to service design

Music Thinking can be used to help organisations, teams, and individuals to move via iteration to innovation and finally transformation. Besides workshops we offer you four programmes that incorporate trainings and workshops based around a selection of the Music Thinking cue with a suggestion of different instruments.

Each programme starts with one of the cues of the Music Thinking Framework – e.g. the creativity programme starts with JAMMIN’ – where the cues are focus points. The instruments (tools) we suggest to explore the objective, lie in between the cues. For each programme, we visualised a possible roadmap. 


This approach answers questions like “How can we genuinely be more customer-centric?” and therefore starts with the EMPATHY cue. Possible directions with complementary cues are for example, the combination with the SCORE cue to visualise insights about stakeholders and service touchpoints, the combination with the REMIX cue to validate and explore ideas, or the combination with the JAMMIN’ cue to discover new value propositions. In most service design projects you will encounter each combination between the EMPATHY cue and the other cues.

What should my programme look like?

The visualisation we presented above is just a possibility, which means that there are many more examples of instruments and different combinations. We are happy to offer you a custom-made programme designed around your objectives to guide you through challenges in creativity, service design, and organisational change. Get in touch with us!